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Why You Should Delegate Daily

Posted by Red Butler Team on 01/ 27/ 16




Businesses typically neglect to delegate when they get caught up in the day to day running of the business. The problem with this is that tasks can start to accumulate. To-do lists gets perpetually longer, and before you know it, work is being brought home, or worse, weekends become work days. Ready for change? We have a quick and easy solution. 



Tasks which sit in your inbox day after day, or even longer, can sap your energy. These tasks are most likely things you do not enjoy doing.  It is best to move it along, so you can stay focused on more important things. If you do not have a system set up to automatically filter these types of tasks to someone else, we have a few suggestions to get started.

In previous posts, we have detailed how to set your office up so you can make delegation part of your workflow. This is the key to productivity. The first step  involves your inbox, and should be done each morning:

1. Organize your inbox each morning into 3 categories- Later, Now, and Delegate. Resist the temptation to start working on tasks as you come across them but instead finish your entire in-box sorting first.

Once you deliberately start separating your work this way, it is easy to delegate.  Most tasks to be delegated can be handled by Red Butler. Our executive virtual assistant services are here to help you reach your goals. If you are not yet a member, it is easy to get started.  Read more about how other businesses have used us here

Once you are in the habit of delegating, you should find that you have more time, and you are not bringing work home as often. Read here to find out more about what to delegate.



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