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3 Things to Delegate to Red Butler to Proofread

Posted by Red Butler Team on 09/ 21/ 15




Red Butler is experienced at proofreading documents and making recommendations for edits.  We will ensure that your materials are accurate, relevant and beautiful. 



Here are proofreading details you should delegate to Red Butler: 

1. Red Butler can proofread your proposals, spreadsheets, and blogs.  We will proofread and enhance them for better readability. Send us your rough draft, and we can recommend a layout to better showcase the content for hard copies, emails, or presentations. We will make sure your company is properly presented, including your branding.

2. Proofread and edit documents. Count on Red Butler to handle most of your proofreading and editing needs.  Sometimes having another person read through documents can make a significant difference in the final result.

3. Convert documents and spreadsheets.  If you have files which are not in the format you need, we can quickly convert them for you. We can also take information and put it into a presentation format, or change it from a presentation format into a spreadsheet. 

Boost productivity for your whole team by delegating proofreading tasks like these and more.  

Beyond proofreading- here are more tasks you can delegate to Red Butler.



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