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What One Free Hour Per Month Can Really Do for You

Posted by Red Butler Team on 02/ 20/ 17



In many of our client case studies, you’ll see that employees at companies like Beats by Dre received an hour of Red Butler service as part of an orientation service. And while most employees would need more than one hour per month from their assistant to process emails, create content, manage receipts, and perform other repeatable tasks, we were curious: If you delegated only one hour of work to your virtual assistant each month, what could you actually do with that hour?



Turns out, you could do quite a lot! With one hour of time, freed from repetitive or administrative tasks, you could easily:

  • Write a simple business plan
  • Finally read that business book or take that webinar you’ve been putting off
  • Finalize the plans for a product or service
  • Meet with your employees or colleagues face-to-face
  • Plan your tasks for the rest of the month
  • Reach out to potential clients or new business partners
  • Update your portfolios
  • Learn a new skill or brainstorm a new idea
  • Catch up on the accounting books
  • Clean off your desk (a cluttered workspace is a known contributor to stress!)
  • Investigate a competitor or two
  • Invite a mentor or role model to lunch for a brain-picking session

Any of these tasks could easily be accomplished in one hour, and all of them have a direct impact on your business. Let go of a few tasks one time every month and choose something from this list, or your to-do list, to complete!


Protect Your Work-Life Balance in One Hour

One hour is also plenty of time to give your brain a much-needed break. Let us take care of cleaning up your inbox while you try one of these:

  • Give meditation a try
  • Plan a date for you and your significant other
  • Get in a workout to get some feel-good endorphins flowing
  • Brush up on a foreign language or other non-job-related skill
  • Text, email, or call a friend and don’t talk about work
  • Volunteer with a charity
  • Grab some coffee and people watch
  • Talk a walk, or enjoy your lunch outside
  • Get a massage
  • Catch up on your favorite sports team, or better yet, buy some tickets to the next game
  • Sign up for something brand new that you’ve been wanting to try
  • Read a book or a magazine that has nothing to do with work

Even if all you do is spend an hour clicking on funny cat videos on YouTube, it’s always a great thing to enjoy a little guilt-free time away from your work duties. Make this hour worthwhile, though, by using the time to improve some other area of your life. Focus on your health, your relationships, or your personal goals while Red Butler takes care of a few work tasks for you.


Imagine What You Could Do with More

These examples were all things that were easy to do in a single hour. Red Butler plans include much more than a single hour per month. Let’s say you chose the Red5 plan, which includes 5 hours of assistance every month. With one hour and 15 minutes every week, you could easily commit to that brand new yoga class you’ve been eyeing; make some serious improvements to your golf game with a regular practice hour at lunch; learn a brand new language or skill with regular weekly practice; and much more.

If you’re ready to find out what you could do with an hour or more every month of free time, contact us to learn how we can make your plate lighter.



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