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Team Sharing with Productivity Portals

Posted by Red Butler Team on 04/ 29/ 15

Red Butler Productivity Portal 



With a Productivity Portal, you can share your hours with up to 50 users at no additional cost - just like a family data plan. 



How it Works:

1. Sign Up:  Get started with a Red15, Red25 or Red50 plan. Once you sign up, your Dedicated Account Manager (DAM) will give you a call to learn more about your preferences, objectives and customizations. Let them know that you plan on sharing your account!


2. Customize: You can customize your Productivity Portal with your own branding, rules and other features. For example, you can decide how many users you'd like to register, what company domains or email addresses are allowed to have access and if you'd like to place utilization caps on users (eg. these users only get 1 hour each of my time per month). 


3. Register: Once your Productivity Portal is ready, have your team visit your custom URL (eg. They'll enter their pre-approved company email address or company domain and then receive an invitation link. Once they click on the link and register, they'll automatically be added to your Productivity Portal, easy.


Virtual Office Assistant Portal


4. Dashboard: Every user on your team will have their own login and independent account. This way, each user can set up their own personal preferences and use Red Butler privately. Although everyone has their own account, your hours are available to everyone that joins your Productivity Portal. If Sarah uses 1 hour out of 15, the next time anyone logs back in, there will be 14 hours remaining. You can place caps on users too, so if you only want Sarah using 1 hour of your time, we've got you covered.


Red Butler Dashboard Assistant


5. Delegate: Once in Dashboard, your team can start submitting their tasks, connecting their calendars and storing their preferences. We keep track of everything and you can easily view available time, used time, search through previous requests, check on request status, attach files and even browse through and unlock our rolodex of Privileges. 


Get Top 10 Requests



With Red Butler, you can share your hours easily with a Productivity Portal. Activate your customized Productivity Portal today with one of Red Butler's plans  and easily extend productivity across your entire team, just like a family data plan.



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Room Upgrade Anyone?

Posted by Red Butler Team on 04/ 22/ 15




After an early morning flight followed by a full day of productive meetings, you are more than ready to finally check in to your hotel and get ready for dinner. The room size didn't make much of a difference to you when you requested the booking with your Red Butler executive virtual assistant, but that was before your very long day.

At check-in you remember the hotel is giving you complimentary wifi and a room upgrade, a privilege made possible by Red Butler. Your long day will end in comfort.



You work hard. You shouldn't have to sacrifice comfort when you are traveling on business, but unfortunately a large number of business travelers do not have access to meaningful perks or privileges. After a long journey or business trip, a Red Butler Privilege can make all the difference in establishing a positive, worthwhile and happy travel experience.

Business travel has changed significantly in the last 10-15 years, most noticably perhaps in terms of access. Many business travelers who used to always fly in business class now have to wait until they have reward miles accumulated. Likewise, big lunches and dinners at 5 star restaurants are also a distant memory for many, with companies maintaining strict control over daily food budgets. Hotel stays have become less luxurious as well, with companies requiring rooms with minimal amenities.

Room upgrade anyone? With an instant upgrade to Black or Platinum status with the Global Hotel Alliance, Red Butler clients can expect complimentary internet access, 3pm late check out, next category room upgrades, a local amenity and more. Higher-tiered Red Butler clients will also access early check in at 9am, a double category room upgrade, choice of amenity and local brand benefit. Members are recognized and rewarded across more than 465 hotels, 27 brands, and 61 member countries. In partnering with GHA, Red Butler is setting an industry standard which is a cut above the rest. The extraordinary service you will receive at GHA partner hotels is how we feel our clients should be treated whenever they travel. 



We welcome you to try one of the participating hotels and enjoy some complimentary perks and privileges - submit your request to your Red Butler executive virtual concierge and they will request your booking.



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Thank you.

Posted by Red Butler Team on 03/ 25/ 15


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Red Butler. Whether you've downloaded our Top 10 Requests or setup a time to Meet Your Assistant, our blog is filled with more tips, features and best practices. We hope you have an extremely productive day!





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