It's Your Time

Why 2017 is Your Year!

Posted by Red Butler Team on 12/ 29/ 16




Let's face it, we're all asked to juggle more these days. Some people will carry the load and sacrifice quality, and you can make the decision to get the support you need and deserve.


After 10 years in business, Red Butler has crafted an all encompassing and feature packed virtual assistant solution. This is your time. Our year end sale will give you 50% off for 2 months with promo code "2017".



1) Recurring: Set it and forget it. Rely on Red Butler to take over tasks like data entry in Quickbooks, expenses, file organization, client check-ins and more.

2) Receptionist (BETA): Coming soon - Red Butler will soon not only make your calls, but answer your calls as well. Rely on our team to take your messages, handle your calendar and patch you in.

3) Calendar: Meet Taylor, your new calendaring receptionist. We'll check your calendar, organize all appointments, confirm attendees, set up conference calls and more. 

4) Travel: Our travel experts can research, organize and book you or your entire team's travel plans. With internet competitive fares and upgrades, Red Butler has you covered.

5) Research: From marketing research, to hiring, competitive analysis, digital strategy and more, let us get you the data to help make informed and immediate decisions. 

6) Perks: The Red Butler Perks Card activates upgrades and experiences around the globe. From room upgrades to a greeting from the chef, activate relationships a decade in the making 



Ready to give Red Butler a try, there are no contracts or hidden fees. Don't forget to use promo code GETRED to receive $100 off your first three months on any Red15 Plan or higher.


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Introducing Hourly Plans

Posted by Red Butler Team on 05/ 17/ 16




Red Butler is thrilled to introduce Project Hours. Now, you can purchase hours from Red Butler, without a monthly recurring subscription. Buy hours that last for 90 days - great for projects, deadlines and the general support you need to get more productive.



What you get :)

- Buy a group of hours in packs of 3, 5, 10 or 20 hours at a time. 

- Share your hours with team members you invite to your account.

- Time does not expire for 90 days from your purchase date.


What you don't get :(

- No technical integrations (Gmail, Outlook, Calendar, DropBox, etc). 

- No Dedicated Account Manager or access to dedicated travel teams.

- No email, scheduling, calendar, calls or recurring task support or services.



Project hours are a great way to meet deadlines, delegate research tasks and try out what it's like to work with our professional Virtual Administrative Assistants. Click on the link below to regsiter with Red Butler - no credit card required. Feel free to poke around and add your hours at anytime. You can also upgrade to a monthly plan at anytime.


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Become a Red Butler Ambassador Today!

Posted by Red Butler Team on 03/ 21/ 16




Are you a blogger, social media influencer or have a multitude of friends that you think would benefit from utilizing Red Butler?

We offer a new Red Butler Ambassador program, specifically for social networkers like you!



We're excited that you are to looking to join the Red Butler team! We've just announced our all new Red Butler Ambassador Program for candidates interested in helping spread the word. With the Red Butler Ambassador Program, you'll be given a unique promo code which activates a $25 discount towards anyone signing up for a new plan.   For every new client that successfully signs up for a new plan with your unique promo code, you'll receive $25!  There's no limit as to how much you can earn and you'll receive reliable payment through Paypal.  

First, what you'll want to do is connect with us on social media by following us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. Second, click on the "Start Referring" link at the bottom of this page to learn more and sign-up to receive your Ambassador materials and unique promo code. 

If you're also interested in applying to be a virtual assistant, what you want to do is apply on our Careers page here: If our hiring team thinks you're a good fit, then they will be in touch.

Use what you do best as a social networker to show your friends and followers how they can benefit from Red Butler and join today!




Since 2005, our team members have been the backbone to the growth of Red Butler. We would love to have you be a part of our Red Butler Ambassadors program and show your readers, followers or friends the benefits of joining Red Butler. Start referring clients today!


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Congratulations! You found...

Posted by Red Butler Team on 03/ 15/ 16




Research is rewarded.  Good job hunting you found a promo code! We would like to offer you 15% off your first month.  Just use discount code SAVE15. (Valid for new clients only)



We appreciate you reading our blog, and hope you enjoy our services.



We know that there are a lot of options out there and Red Butler greatly appreciates that you're taking the time to make an informed decision. Red Butler has been established since 2005, we understand the challenges you face. Request a personal consultation to see if Red Butler is a good fit for you today! 


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Meet Taylor, Your Virtual Employee

Posted by Red Butler Team on 03/ 03/ 16




You're too busy to even use a Virtual Assistant right? That's the challenge, it just needs to work. It needs to be seamless, fully integrated and something you can set and forget. That's why Red Butler is announcing Taylor, your real time virtual assistant. Create an email address like, then email or cc Taylor and consider it done.



Several months ago, a writer from Inc Magazine reported that he needed a pro-active Virtual Assistant service that was effortless to use, easy to integrate with - and super reliable. Red Butler offers all of that, but we've gone a step further with the introduction of Taylor, your new "real time" virtual assistant.

In addition to submitting tasks to Red Butler, on our Red15 plan and higher, you'll get Taylor - real time inbox and calendar monitoring. With Taylor, it's business as usual. Just send an email to Taylor to schedule a meeting, update your calendar or to make a call - it's like having a virtual employee.

Better yet, just cc Taylor to follow up with a client, find a time to meet, make a call or book a flight. Plus, Taylor is branded to your company name, has a 1 hour or less turn around time, provides coverage on weekdays from 6am to 6pm and is checking your inbox in real time for instantaneous coverage.


What is Taylor? 


1. Inbox: Create an email address for Taylor to log into, e.g. Whenever you need something, just email Taylor. Plus, since Taylor has a company email address, it's like having a virtual employee that you can rely on and interact with in real time.


2. Calendar: Share your calendar with Taylor. Anytime you need something added, removed or re-scheduled, just let Taylor know. You can copy Taylor on any client emails too. Taylor will contact your client, find a new time, send a calendar invitation and confirm.


3. Real Time: With Taylor, you'll have someone proactively monitoring a company email address and inbox in real time. That means, 1 hour or less responses and instantaneous support. Taylor is available weekdays from 6am to 6pm PST - that's 12 hours of daily coverage.


4. Seamless: Email Taylor for anything that you need. If its a research, travel or other task, Taylor will seamlessly have one of Red Butler's Admin's working on it. This way you're getting real time support with a traditional task based virtual assistant.


5. Scaling: You can share Taylor with other people in your company, law firm, startup or office. Add users to be able to interact with Taylor - deducting from your hours, or add an additional account holder for Taylor to manage their account and time separately.



We know that there are a lot of options out there and Red Butler greatly appreciates that you're taking the time to make an informed decision. Red Butler has been established since 2005, we understand the challenges you face. Request a personal consultation to see if Red Butler is a good fit for you, or get started today.


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Get More Out of 2016

Posted by Red Butler Team on 12/ 31/ 15




Red Butler wants to help you save time, achieve more and grow faster in 2016. That's why - for a limited time - we're offering all new clients 10% off each month on any plan through 2016! 


10% off each month promo code = 2016


Sign up for any plan and enjoy 10% off each and every month for up to 12 months. In order to access this discount, you must be a new client and sign up on or before January 15, 2016. 

If you're interested in pre-paying for the entire year, we'll increase the discount to 15%. Get started today by clicking below or view our Top 10 Requests to get ideas on how Red Butler can help you in 2016. 



Red5 plan @ $158 p/m (originally $175) = up to $210 saved

Red15 plan @ $405 p/m (originally $450) = up to $540 saved

Red25 plan @ $675 p/m (originally $750) = up to $900 saved

Red50 plan @ $1,125 p/m (originally $1,250) = up to $1,500 saved

 *This promotion cannot be combined with other offers.



Red Butler provides professional virtual assistance and administrative support to help you save time.
"The only reason for time is so that everything doesn't happen at once." - Albert Einstein



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Meet Red Butler's Communications Team

Posted by Red Butler Team on 10/ 22/ 15




Red Butler handles all the day to day details of your schedule so you can stay focused on your business. Rely on Red Butler to schedule meetings, respond to emails, monitor feedback, and more. Our comms team specialists are specialized in handling incoming and outgoing communications, and monitoring news which is relevant to your business.



Here are a few ways our comms team can handle details for you that help boost your whole team's productivity:

1. Manage calendaring and email. Red Butler can manage your personal email box to make sure it flows correctly or you can assign us a personal assistant email address for your company so we can respond directly with your branding. Have us handle your email avalanche. Read more about that here

2. Accept calendar invites as well as make appointments for clients. Tired of waiting on hold? We will do that for you. Here are more ways we can handle your calls for you and your team.
3. Monitor internet news and forward anything relevant to your company.  We can check specific sources for you, or do general internet research to find the information you need.
4. Monitor your feedback box and forward anything pertinent to you as well as pull reports once a month or as needed.  It is important to respond to feedback quickly, and we are here to help you do just that, bridging the link between you, your website, and your potential clients. 

Our comms team specialists are specialized in handling these details and more. You can think of them as a bridge which links you and builds connections to your website, email, and your potential clients. To utilize our comms team, simply sign up for a Red Butler 15, 25 or 50 plan. Here is a little more about our comms team backgrounds:


Melissa was born and raised in the beautiful Catskill Mountains in Upstate NY where she continues to reside amidst the beautiful views, wonderful hiking areas and small town charm.  For fun she started a Women's Softball League which allows both "me time" as well as physical activity.  She enjoys reading & spending time with family.  She has both a background in Office administration as well as emergency medicine.  Being on the Communications team allows her to help others and to lesson their load so they can enjoy life just a little more.


Rebecca grew up in Las Vegas. Like many residents of the Las Vegas Valley she only sees The Strip or the inside of a casino when out-of-town guests come to visit. She has lived in Missouri, Iowa, Colorado & Oregon, but Vegas will always be home. She is an avid reader, crafter and volunteer. Rebecca has a background in banking, office administration and customer support. In addition to leading the Communications Team she also serves as a mentor to new RBAs, a role she enjoys almost as much as her work on the Communications Team. She loves helping others, be it through mentoring or helping her clients manage their schedules and emails. Rebecca feels that through the Communications Team she directly impacts the lives of her clients, allowing them to spend their valuable time working on other important tasks and spending time with their family outside of work. All the roles at Red Butler take a bit of the burden off our clients and  help them work towards building their companies while still achieving a work/life balance. 



Since 2005, our high-performance executive clients have helped Red Butler continuously improve our service model. Today our clients enjoy the service quality of an experienced in-house executive support team for less than the cost of one additional hire.


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Team Sharing & Upgrades

Posted by Red Butler Team on 10/ 18/ 15




What if you and everyone on your team was able to do more, grow faster and collaborate easier? Meet Red Butler 4.0, built for strategic team delegation and collaboration.



1. Invitation:

It's never been easier to get started with Red Butler. Now, just request your invitation using an email address - no credit cards are required.


2. Customize:

After we confirm your email and registration, you can create a team name, upload your logo and even select your own URL - great for sharing with new team members or clients.



3. Share:

Invite collaborators to your Red Butler account. Users can access your time - although you can place caps on users. Admins can access your time, manage users, run reports and more.



New Features:


Team Time Sharing: Purchase a monthly plan (Red15, Red25, Red50 or higher) and conveniently share your hours with up to 50 users. You can share time equally as a monthly pool, designate a specific amount of time for each user and even place caps on users. 

Team Requests: Let everyone on your team know what you have Red Butler working on. By designating a request as a "Team Request", the details of the request and all of Red Butler's responses will be visible to all users on your team - much like copy "cc" on email.




Direct Messaging: Communication is key to collaboration. Teams members can now direct message one another. Peer to peer messaging is great for reminders, instructions or even for broadcasting project updates.




Time Top Ups: In addition to the time you purchase for your entire team, each user can buy their own time, which cannot be accessed by anyone else. This way, if your team plan runs out of time, or if a user hits their cap limit, they can simply buy their own time.  



Team Management: Invite users, delete users, grant permissions and more. You can invite your entire company, specific departments, a few team members or even clients. Empower those around you to delegate and accelerate. 




Team Reporting: If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. Now, Admins can monitor utilization, productivity, request trends and more. Both individual and cumulative team productivity scores are available.



Since 2005, Red Butler has supported individuals, startups, businesses and Fortune500 companies with professional virtual administrative assistant support. To learn more about our services or customized programs, please contact us



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Meet Red Butler's Travel Specialists

Posted by Red Butler Team on 08/ 19/ 15




Red Butler combines the flexibility and global executive concierge services of a travel agency with Internet-competitive fares and rates. Rely on Red Butler to find great rates, create itineraries, organize upgrades and more. Our travel specialists put the personal touch on all your bookings to get you the best experience possible, whether you are traveling on business or for personal travel. 



Our travel specialists make sure every detail of your trip is taken care of, from finding great rates to getting you great itineraries. Here are more details about a few ways they can make planning trips more productive:

1. Find great rates: We know your time and budget are important for every trip you need booked. We can get your whole team booked and help your business stay on budget. If you are on personal travel, we will help you book flights which don't cut into your leisure time.

2. Create Itineraries: Whether you are traveling on business or you are taking a vacation, Red Butler is here to help you make the most of your time. We can create itineraries which include all your transportation needs as well as your dining and entertainment. We can intergrate with your calendar to make sure your travel doesn't conflict with existing appointments, and once you are booked we can enter everything in your schedule.

3. Organize Upgrades: Red Butler can keep your air miles and hotel preferences on hand so every time we make a booking your miles and hotel are applied for your bonus programs. Our specialists will let you know if you are eligible for upgrades through your programs when they book your travel. In addition, they will access our privileges network to get you the best uprades available for your transportation, dining, hotel, and entertainment.

4. Bucket Lists: Want to check something off your bucket list? We can arrange that.  We have helped clients go snorkeling with orca,  view the northern lights, reunite with old friends, and so much more. Tell Sarah or Lara in our travel department what is on your bucket list, and they will take care of the rest.

We have highlighted a few ways our clients use our travel department, but this is not all we can do.  No matter what your travel needs, let us know and we will do our best to take care of every detail.

Our travel specialists get to know your personal preferences to make your bookings easy and stress free. They are both avid travelers themselves, and have vast experience in the travel industry.  Here is a little more about their backgrounds:


Sarah currently calls Texas home, but has lived in Japan, Germany and various cities throughout the US.  She has worked in the hospitality and travel industry for the past 17 years, with a background in marketing, business development, administrative support, and travel and event planning.  As a Red Butler Travel Specialist, Sarah is able to indulge her passion for traveling by being an “arm chair tourist” and assisting Red Butler members plan their vacations, business trips or weekend getaways to destinations all over the world.   When she’s not traveling, or dreaming of traveling, Sarah enjoys reading and practicing yoga.


Lara lives in the beautiful town of Bellingham, Washington. She is thrilled that there are trails for miles and views to die for. For fun, it is all about endurance sports, Crossfit, and raising ducks and chickens. She grew up in California, went to college in British Columbia, and has traveled to many states and 3 Canadian provinces. She has a background in fitness and business management and is passionate about travel! Lara says the best thing about being a Travel Specialist is the satisfaction of helping others with all the details of business or pleasure travel. She strives to make travel planning stress free for the client so all they have to do is show up and enjoy the trip.



Since 2005, our high-performance executive clients have helped Red Butler continuously improve our service model. Today our clients enjoy the service quality of an experienced in-house executive support team for less than the cost of one additional hire.



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5 Hour Bonus Zirtual Clients

Posted by Red Butler Team on 08/ 10/ 15




Zirtual clients receive a 5 hour bonus when they move to Red Butler. Plus receive a $25 credit on your account for every other Zirtual client you sign up. Get the speed, quality and reliability that you deserve.



Today, Red Butler announced a special program for Zirtual customers left in the lurch with the sudden shut down of the virtual assistant service. Effective immediately, Zirtual customers who sign up with Red Butler through the end of August will receive a one time bonus of 5 free hours of administrative assistant time. Have questions, please email one of our friendly representatives who will help you during the transition at

“Despite some disturbing industry news today, Red Butler is here to confirm: the promise of highly reliable virtual administrative support is not dead. We’ve been around since 2005, we are open for business as usual today, and our balance sheet guarantees we’re here into the foreseeable future. We are ready to help you delegate to accelerate.” Daniel Abas, CEO, Red Butler personal travel, we will help you book flights which don't cut into your leisure time.

To activate your Red Butler service — as an individual user or for team-shared Productivity Portal — simply click on the button below or visit -


5 Hour Bonus

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