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Top 5 Habits for a Less Stressful Work Day

Posted by Red Butler Team on 02/ 27/ 17



The word “stress” has become synonymous with depression, heart disease, weight-gain, insomnia, memory impairment and much more in today’s hyper-focused world. There’s nowhere on Earth more stressful than the job some days, especially when you are in charge of making things run smoothly.



As virtual personal assistants, we work with over-stressed individuals every day. But we’ve also worked with plenty of clients who manage to keep it together, even in the face of major deadline crunches and other corporate worse nightmares. Ever wonder how they do it?


Habits Change the Game

The problem with trying to beat workplace stress is that most people think too small. They think about removing tasks from their schedule, ignoring the fact that by this time next month, it’ll just be filled up again. They consider taking a vacation, not considering that in four months, the soothing effects of a getaway will be long forgotten. These things are just temporary solutions to a long-term problem.

Instead, the best way to tackle workplace stress is to create a few daily habits that help you rise above. Here are five of the best daily habits we’ve come across for managing stress:


1. Show Up Early 

Spending even more time at your stressful job doesn’t sound all that great, but hear us out. The benefits of arriving even 20 minutes early to work are massive: you give yourself the chance to plan your day in peace before the bustle begins. You force yourself to wake up earlier, thus giving yourself more time to get fully “awake” before work begins. You begin to look like someone your boss can trust, helping you move up the ladder even faster.


2. Manage Your Time

It’s not enough to just keep track of all your appointments religiously. If you want to truly manage your time, you also need to create the habit of reviewing your time. Sit down once a month and look at what you did in the past four weeks. Did your activity line up with your personal goals, or the company’s needs? If not, it’s time to make a few changes to your day.


3. Make Re-charging a Regular Routine

An occasional vacation or girls’ night out are great, but those things won’t help you manage on-going stress in the long run. Instead, create a habit of regular re-charging by scheduling time for calming activities or time away. Say no to certain hobbies or extra jobs so that you can get in that weekly yoga class, or simplify your lunch so that you can utilize part of your break for a bit of meditation. The key is to stick with the habit of regular de-stressing.


4. Stop Reacting

One of the things that stresses most people out is the rush of adrenaline that comes on the heels of a major crisis. One hint that a project is about to tank, or an angry customer at the front desk, and it’s easy to instantly slip into the “save this at all costs” mode. But that is a reaction, and that can cause a ton of stress. Instead, practice giving yourself time to stop, assess, and then act on the situation, maintaining complete control.


5.Delegate the Little Things

Finally, delegating the little tasks can make a big difference in your overall day. Start off your day asking yourself what you will achieve, and don’t let small tasks that an assistant can do get in your way. At Red Butler, we can help support your individual and organizational goals by taking care of administrative and repeatable tasks that just slow you down.



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