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Thousands of emails? Red Butler can handle that task.

Posted by Red Butler Team on 02/ 11/ 16




The email avalanche is a major issue most businesses and individuals struggle with on a daily basis.  Hundreds of emails can become thousands in a fairly short amount of time, clogging up productivity. We have written about the email avalanche before, and given tips on how to delegate email management to Red Butler. You can read about that here. What we are highlighting today is what Red Butler has done for clients who need to have their entire email box sorted and cleaned up top to bottom.



If you go to your inbox of your email and you can scroll down, down, down, and there is no end in sight, it may be time to have Red Butler organize and clean it up for you. One of our clients recently had the endless email box scenario, and it was making it difficult for them to stay focused because every time she went to her email box she had to see thousands of emails sitting there waiting to be archived or thrown out. This was a productivity killer. 

Delegating the email box clean up to Red Butler saved our client time to focus on other things. To delegate this large task to us, she provided Red Butler with detailed instructions on how she wanted her emails sorted.  Our team dove in and went through her entire email box, sorting and purging to her specifications.

One day she opened her email box and rather than seeing thousands of emails sitting there, it was just current emails.  Red Butler had categorized and archived (and junk mail purged) the rest.  We even unsubscribed to spam email for her so going forward her box won't be littered with junk mail.

If your email box is overwhelming, delegate the clean up to Red Butler. To get started, visit our website.



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