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Team Sharing & Upgrades

Posted by Red Butler Team on 10/ 18/ 15




What if you and everyone on your team was able to do more, grow faster and collaborate easier? Meet Red Butler 4.0, built for strategic team delegation and collaboration.



1. Invitation:

It's never been easier to get started with Red Butler. Now, just request your invitation using an email address - no credit cards are required.


2. Customize:

After we confirm your email and registration, you can create a team name, upload your logo and even select your own URL - great for sharing with new team members or clients.



3. Share:

Invite collaborators to your Red Butler account. Users can access your time - although you can place caps on users. Admins can access your time, manage users, run reports and more.



New Features:


Team Time Sharing: Purchase a monthly plan (Red15, Red25, Red50 or higher) and conveniently share your hours with up to 50 users. You can share time equally as a monthly pool, designate a specific amount of time for each user and even place caps on users. 

Team Requests: Let everyone on your team know what you have Red Butler working on. By designating a request as a "Team Request", the details of the request and all of Red Butler's responses will be visible to all users on your team - much like copy "cc" on email.




Direct Messaging: Communication is key to collaboration. Teams members can now direct message one another. Peer to peer messaging is great for reminders, instructions or even for broadcasting project updates.




Time Top Ups: In addition to the time you purchase for your entire team, each user can buy their own time, which cannot be accessed by anyone else. This way, if your team plan runs out of time, or if a user hits their cap limit, they can simply buy their own time.  



Team Management: Invite users, delete users, grant permissions and more. You can invite your entire company, specific departments, a few team members or even clients. Empower those around you to delegate and accelerate. 




Team Reporting: If you can't measure it, you can't manage it. Now, Admins can monitor utilization, productivity, request trends and more. Both individual and cumulative team productivity scores are available.



Since 2005, Red Butler has supported individuals, startups, businesses and Fortune500 companies with professional virtual administrative assistant support. To learn more about our services or customized programs, please contact us



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