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3 Things Red Butler is Good at for Startups

Posted by Red Butler Team on 03/ 23/ 16




Startups face many challenges as they grow, but Red Butler's team of executive virtual assistants are here to help you reach your goals.  Here are three things Red Butler is good at for startups: 



1.  Real time inbox and calendar monitoring- Delegate the management of your inbox and calendar to Red Butler and we will monitor both in real time.  Meet Taylor, our real time virtual assistant here: We know startups can be busy when building a successful company, Red Butler wants to help you focus on your business rather than focusing on your inbox. With the help of Taylor, you will have someone proactively monitoring an inbox to schedule meetings, update your calendar or to make a call.

2. Recurring task management- With Red Butler, you can set it and forget it.  Our executive virtual assistants will quickly take care of your recurring to-do list items.  Just delegate the tasks to us with all the details and we will take care of it as many times as you request, without you having to send us additional requests each time.  The most popular tasks people delegate to our executive office assistants are expense reports, social media posting, and spreadsheet updating with current industry information. 

3. Online Research- Part of every startup's growth plan is a lot of research.  Delegate your online research to Red Butler and our executive virtual assistants will provide you with accurate and extensive information from across the internet.   We can do competitor comparisons, market research, or provide backup information you need for a report. 

Let Red Butler help you grow and accomplish more.  Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your business boost productivity and reach its goals.



As a startup, Red Butler understands the time and hard work that goes into growing a company. Let Red Butler help you by delegating your most time consuming tasks to our team so you can focus on your growth and development as a business.  Request a personal consultation to see if Red Butler is a good fit for you!


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