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Why Red Butler is #1.

Posted by Red Butler Team on 04/ 22/ 15




We've spent years perfecting our business model. Here are the top 5 reasons why Red Butler is the best executive virtual assistant in the marketplace.



1. Dedicated Account Manager (DAM):  

With Red Butler 15, Red Butler 25, and Red Butler 50 Plans, you'll be assigned a Dedicated Account Manager (DAM) that is a full time employee of our company. Your DAM is a single point of contact at Red Butler who will constantly oversee your account to ensure quality and timeliness. Your DAM learns all of your preferences, processes and oversees your requests to optimize your Trust Score and Productivity Index (PI).  This way, you get the quality, integration, speed and knowledge across our entire company.

With other companies you are assigned a single dedicated assistant who has the overwhelming burden of exclusively handling all of your tasks/requests. In addition, that single person is also responsible for a handful of other clients and their tasks/requests. This leads to an inevitable bottleneck and delayed response times. Imagine, you have an urgent project that you need your assistant to do, but they're too busy taking care of 3 other urgent tasks from other clients - you are no longer the priority. In addition to bottlenecking, you're limited to that single person's knowledge and all of your communications are boxed in by that single person. If your assistant churns or quits, you're stuck starting over from scratch having to spend the time to re-train someone new.

Our Solution: No bottlenecking, no delayed response times, no re-training


2. Team of Admins (RBAs)

Red Butler Administrators (RBAs) are professional executive assistants with expertise and knowledge across numerous industries, technologies and skills. All RBAs go through a rigorous vetting process (1 in 300 are selected), are US based and must maintain a consistently high feedback score to be eligible to stay on our team. Since your DAM will leverage our team of RBAs to complete your requests, you'll be able to access multiple skill sets, have us work on multiple requests at the same time and also extend your productivity across our 12 hours of workday coverage.

Other companies offer a shared assistant solution - hundreds of people that "grab" your request when it shows up. With a shared assistant model, someone new works on your requests just about every single time. As a result, you'll be unable to delegate recurring tasks, rely on consistent quality or delegate strategic and meaningful requests that result in valuable productivity.

Our Solution: No quality vacuums, no consistency issues, no request limitations


3. Time Sharing & Technology:

Red Butler's proprietary Productivity Portals enable you to share your time with up to 50 users at no additional cost. You can place caps on users, manage invitations and measure your entire team's Productivity Index (PI) score. Plus, you can track all of your request history, trends, number of calls made on your behalf, emails sent on your behalf, total time saved and much more. Submit your requests by email, online or web and leverage Red Butler's team to help you grow faster.

Other solutions require you to pay for each additional user if you want them to share your time while other's don't allow you to share at all. Confidentiality is paramount at Red Butler, which is why our Productivity Portals allow each user to have their own native login. This way, your request history and account are completely separate, although time is deducted from one main account - similar to a family data plan. Red Butler allows you to share your account, set rules, manage users, invitations and track just about everything.

Our Solution: Share your hours, submit 24/7, track everything 


4. Licensed Travel Agency:

Red Butler is a licensed travel agency that is powered by travel specialists who can unlock internet competitive rates and provide global support. Whether you, your family or your entire team need to travel for meetings or leisure activities, Red Butler has you covered. Plus, each time you book eligible travel you'll earn Red Butler Rewards. Accumulate Rewards for additional time, upgrades and other travel benefits.

Most virtual assistants rely on publicly available travel websites and resellers such as Kayak, Expedia and Orbitz to book travel. Red Butler on the other hand utilizes a GDS network that unlocks competitive rates, special offers and other value added services. 

Our Solution: Licensed travel, global support, competitive rates


5. Privilege Partners:

With over 1,800 Privilege Partners, Red Butler grants you access to insider relationships wherever you are to elevate your experience. Access a greeting from the chef, a complimentary glass of wine, a hotel room upgrade or up to 30% off at our participating Privilege Partners. With W Hotels, GHA, sbe, Uber, Equinox and other premium lifestyle and business brands, Red Butler makes sure that you have premium access wherever you go.

Red Butler focuses on creating unique experiences and generating real value for our clients, rather than generic online discounts that you can access just about anywhere with a coupon. Red Butler Privileges are unique, exclusive and personal, sort of like a secret handshake. Just submit a request and we'll organize a special Privilege at one of our partnering locations or businesses.

Our Solution: VIP access, upgrades, discounts and more



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