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Meet Taylor, Your Virtual Employee

Posted by Red Butler Team on 03/ 03/ 16




You're too busy to even use a Virtual Assistant right? That's the challenge, it just needs to work. It needs to be seamless, fully integrated and something you can set and forget. That's why Red Butler is announcing Taylor, your real time virtual assistant. Create an email address like, then email or cc Taylor and consider it done.



Several months ago, a writer from Inc Magazine reported that he needed a pro-active Virtual Assistant service that was effortless to use, easy to integrate with - and super reliable. Red Butler offers all of that, but we've gone a step further with the introduction of Taylor, your new "real time" virtual assistant.

In addition to submitting tasks to Red Butler, on our Red15 plan and higher, you'll get Taylor - real time inbox and calendar monitoring. With Taylor, it's business as usual. Just send an email to Taylor to schedule a meeting, update your calendar or to make a call - it's like having a virtual employee.

Better yet, just cc Taylor to follow up with a client, find a time to meet, make a call or book a flight. Plus, Taylor is branded to your company name, has a 1 hour or less turn around time, provides coverage on weekdays from 6am to 6pm and is checking your inbox in real time for instantaneous coverage.


What is Taylor? 


1. Inbox: Create an email address for Taylor to log into, e.g. Whenever you need something, just email Taylor. Plus, since Taylor has a company email address, it's like having a virtual employee that you can rely on and interact with in real time.


2. Calendar: Share your calendar with Taylor. Anytime you need something added, removed or re-scheduled, just let Taylor know. You can copy Taylor on any client emails too. Taylor will contact your client, find a new time, send a calendar invitation and confirm.


3. Real Time: With Taylor, you'll have someone proactively monitoring a company email address and inbox in real time. That means, 1 hour or less responses and instantaneous support. Taylor is available weekdays from 6am to 6pm PST - that's 12 hours of daily coverage.


4. Seamless: Email Taylor for anything that you need. If its a research, travel or other task, Taylor will seamlessly have one of Red Butler's Admin's working on it. This way you're getting real time support with a traditional task based virtual assistant.


5. Scaling: You can share Taylor with other people in your company, law firm, startup or office. Add users to be able to interact with Taylor - deducting from your hours, or add an additional account holder for Taylor to manage their account and time separately.



We know that there are a lot of options out there and Red Butler greatly appreciates that you're taking the time to make an informed decision. Red Butler has been established since 2005, we understand the challenges you face. Request a personal consultation to see if Red Butler is a good fit for you, or get started today.


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