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Meet Red Butler's Communications Team

Posted by Red Butler Team on 10/ 22/ 15




Red Butler handles all the day to day details of your schedule so you can stay focused on your business. Rely on Red Butler to schedule meetings, respond to emails, monitor feedback, and more. Our comms team specialists are specialized in handling incoming and outgoing communications, and monitoring news which is relevant to your business.



Here are a few ways our comms team can handle details for you that help boost your whole team's productivity:

1. Manage calendaring and email. Red Butler can manage your personal email box to make sure it flows correctly or you can assign us a personal assistant email address for your company so we can respond directly with your branding. Have us handle your email avalanche. Read more about that here

2. Accept calendar invites as well as make appointments for clients. Tired of waiting on hold? We will do that for you. Here are more ways we can handle your calls for you and your team.
3. Monitor internet news and forward anything relevant to your company.  We can check specific sources for you, or do general internet research to find the information you need.
4. Monitor your feedback box and forward anything pertinent to you as well as pull reports once a month or as needed.  It is important to respond to feedback quickly, and we are here to help you do just that, bridging the link between you, your website, and your potential clients. 

Our comms team specialists are specialized in handling these details and more. You can think of them as a bridge which links you and builds connections to your website, email, and your potential clients. To utilize our comms team, simply sign up for a Red Butler 15, 25 or 50 plan. Here is a little more about our comms team backgrounds:


Melissa was born and raised in the beautiful Catskill Mountains in Upstate NY where she continues to reside amidst the beautiful views, wonderful hiking areas and small town charm.  For fun she started a Women's Softball League which allows both "me time" as well as physical activity.  She enjoys reading & spending time with family.  She has both a background in Office administration as well as emergency medicine.  Being on the Communications team allows her to help others and to lesson their load so they can enjoy life just a little more.


Rebecca grew up in Las Vegas. Like many residents of the Las Vegas Valley she only sees The Strip or the inside of a casino when out-of-town guests come to visit. She has lived in Missouri, Iowa, Colorado & Oregon, but Vegas will always be home. She is an avid reader, crafter and volunteer. Rebecca has a background in banking, office administration and customer support. In addition to leading the Communications Team she also serves as a mentor to new RBAs, a role she enjoys almost as much as her work on the Communications Team. She loves helping others, be it through mentoring or helping her clients manage their schedules and emails. Rebecca feels that through the Communications Team she directly impacts the lives of her clients, allowing them to spend their valuable time working on other important tasks and spending time with their family outside of work. All the roles at Red Butler take a bit of the burden off our clients and  help them work towards building their companies while still achieving a work/life balance. 



Since 2005, our high-performance executive clients have helped Red Butler continuously improve our service model. Today our clients enjoy the service quality of an experienced in-house executive support team for less than the cost of one additional hire.


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