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3 Things Red Butler is Good at for Lawyers

Posted by Red Butler Team on 03/ 17/ 16




Red Butler's executive virtual assistants are a perfect compliment to a lawyer's in-house staff. We can quickly turn around tasks you and your team assign us, which in turn will boost productivity for your whole office. Here are 3 things Red Butler is great at for lawyers: 



1. Real time inbox and calendar monitoring- Use Red Butler's new real time virtual assistant, Taylor, to monitor your inbox and calendar in real time Create a separate email, such as, then email or cc Taylor to schedule meetings, update and organize your calendar or make calls on your behalf.

2. Online research- Red Butler's executive virtual assistants are extremely skilled at internet research.  Our team can research the fastest routes to court houses, the best local meeting spots or find the leading competitors in your industry.  Delegate your online research to our executive office assistants and we will provide the answers in whatever format you need, saving your team time to focus on important in-house projects.

3. Social media updating- We can assist you in keeping your social media accounts up to date. This is an important way to network with your clients and your community. Rely on Red Butler to research, follow influencers, proofread, and schedule posts to maximize your reputation. By having Red Butler's executive virtual assistants handle this important task, you will have a more effective social media presence because it will be monitored and updated regularly. 



Here at Red Butler we understand the challenges you face as a lawyer. Allow Red Butler to assist you in staying organized by delegating tasks to our team such as scheduling, keeping your calendar up to date, and posting on your social media accounts. By delegating to Red Butler, you can focus on what you do best. Request a personal consultation today!

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