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How to Tackle the E-mail Avalanche

Posted by Red Butler Team on 08/ 28/ 15




Every year the average worker spends hundreds of hours going through e-mails and then responding to inquiries or scheduling meetings as a result of those e-mails. Productive days may get interrupted hourly or even more often as e-mail pulls attention away from more important tasks. Workers complain that once they go into their e-mail inbox, it is difficult to get back to the task at hand, and that it is difficult to stay focused throughout the day with the constant interruptions from e-mail. Simply put, they need email support.



This productivity challenge is one which can be delegated to Red Butler's executive virtual assistants to handle. We'll check your inbox, reply to inquiries and filter or forward your messages however you would like. You can also copy (cc) us on correspondences with clients to set up meetings and more.  Here are a few ways other clients have used our e-mail support service:


  1. "I need someone to check my email". Red Butler can do that. We can also set your e-mail inbox up with folders arranged by priority.  When mail comes in, we can sort it into the proper folder- from urgent tasks requiring immediate attention down to fyi-reading items. 
  2. When e-mail comes in from a certain person or company, a response is sent or a meeting is set up.  If you have integrated your calendar with us, we can do this automatically and send you a confirmation e-mail about the meeting.
  3. "Check my email  so I can relax".  We handle vacation e-mail monitoring, keeping an eye on your inbox and forwarding only items specified ahead of time, responding to inquiries and scheduling meetings for post vacation.


These are just a few ways our executive virtual assistants can help you gain more time back each week by transitioning your e-mail box into a productivity booster.  Here are more ways you can manage your email to help you stay focused.


 Why Us


Since 2005, our high-performance executive clients have helped Red Butler continuously improve our service model. Today our clients enjoy the service quality of an experienced in-house executive support team for less than the cost of one additional hire.



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