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How to Decide What to Delegate to Your Virtual Assistant

Posted by Red Butler Team on 02/ 13/ 17




Today’s worker is more overwhelmed than ever, with surveys over 90 different countries showing that two-thirds of employees are so overworked that they’ve mentally checked out of engaging with their work in a meaningful way. This is one of the reasons that Red Butler exists. Our team of virtual assistants helps you and your employees feel less overwhelmed, making it easier than ever for your team to reenergize and reengage.



Despite this alluring fact, you’ll probably notice from our client case studies that not all employees who are offered an hour of Red Butler assistance, take it. One of the reasons that we believe this happens may be because employees just don’t know what to delegate to us. After all, everything on your plate has been on the top of your to-do list forever, right?

Here are a few ways that you can use to decide what to delegate:


Technique #1: Re-Prioritize

When you have no idea where to begin delegating, you may need to start with a totally fresh list of priorities. To start, simply group your tasks into categories or areas of business, and decide which are things that no one but you could possibly do. Be honest – are you really the only one who can draft blog posts for your website, or can you pass along topics and keywords to a competent copy writer and review the material later? Just choose what you must do yourself, and place those items at the top of your list.

Next, take a look at the items that you don’t necessarily have to do yourself, and decide which things are the most important. Which items will move your business forward today, and which are simply things that help maintain flow and productivity? Move the most important tasks to your list. Finally, you are left with items that others can do, and that aren’t essential for your business right now. These are great items to pass along to a virtual assistant.


Technique #2: Evaluate Your Time

Another way to decide what to delegate is to evaluate what you’ve been spending your time on. Are there tasks that shouldn’t take you long, but you seem to be spending more than 10% of your day on? If you tend to get distracted when maintaining the company social media profile, or email and calendar management takes you forever due to constant phone calls and other interruptions, why not pass these tasks off to an assistant?


Technique #3: Get Rid of Anything Repeatable

All businesses have certain tasks that must be done again and again. Not only are these tasks usually related to administrative tasks, they eat into your time and your energy. These are perfect tasks to assign to a virtual assistant from Red Butler. You spend your time moving your business forward, and we’ll take care of those pesky little background tasks that pop up every month. Examples of repeatable tasks include filing receipts, organizing invoices, responding to emails or calls, managing regular calendar items, and generating spreadsheets.


Technique #4: A Little of Everything

The best solution for deciding what to delegate to your virtual assistant may be to use all of these techniques. Figure out your priorities so you know what you don’t want to delegate. Evaluate your time so you know how much a personal assistant can really save you in time. Get rid of those repeatable tasks so you can focus.


With all three of these techniques, you are likely to eliminate quite a few tasks off your to-do list, helping us help you. Don’t let yourself stay overwhelmed while we’re around to help.



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