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How a Snack Basket Can Drive Teamwork

Posted by Red Butler Team on 03/ 07/ 16




For team building to be successful, the team needs to be comfortable with each other and have good working relationships.  If you feel like you are part of the team, but still don't know your co-workers well enough, we have a fun suggestion anyone can do.



Everyone loves snacks. Our suggestion is simple.  The easiest way to get co-workers (and vendors too!) to stop by your office space is by having a snack basket in your office space. Not just any snack will do- it has to be something you can showcase on your desk in a large container.  Let everyone know you have delicious treats available. Here are a few ideas:

1. Mini candy bars- These are nearly impossible to resist and they have very few calories, so most people will be comfortable indulging.

2. Red Licorice- If you want a perpetual line to your workspace, this is possibly the best option. This delicious treat is available in giant tubs of individually wrapped pieces, and very few people can resist.

3. Fruit-infused water- if you want to provide something healthier, set up a water bar with fruit infused water in a large container with a spout.

No matter what snack you choose, you can be sure that your co-workers will be stopping by your office space to have some and you can use the opportunity to say hello and have a quick conversation, which in turn will help build a stronger team and increase productivity. 



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