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Take the Stress out of Taxes!

Posted by Red Butler Team on 04/ 07/ 16




Are you feeling overwhelmed getting your expenses organized before April 18th? Red Butler understands just how stressful tax season is, especially when you have other work related tasks weighing you down. Red Butler can help alleviate some of that stress, so you can be fully prepared when completing your taxes. Here are a few financial tasks you can delegate to Red Butler:



  1.  Add key deadlines to your calendar- It is imperative to be on top of key deadlines so you are able to prioritize your time more efficiently. Let Red Butler Administrators schedule your meetings and organize your calendar to ensure all of your taxes and finance related tasks are completed on time.
  2.  Find the best CPA’s in your area- A great CPA is a good resource for a business not just at tax time, but all year long. Red Butler can help you find someone in your area to not only complete your taxes, but also be available to advise your business the rest of the year.  A CPA will be able to take a look at your balance sheet and help you make adjustments to line items in your budget, so you can reach your goals more quickly and effectively.
  3.  Expense tracking- Our executive virtual assistants will make sure you don’t miss a penny on your expense reports. Just send us your receipts and we will enter them in a spreadsheet, Quickbooks, or any other web-based software. Are you missing receipts? No problem- our executive office assistants can help you track them down and get a copy for your records. After your expense report is completed, our Red Butler Administrators can send your report or any other related information to your accountant to save you time.

Red Butler's executive virtual assistants are here to help you reach your goals. Reach out to us for more information on how we can help you and your whole team boost productivity all year long.



Red Butler knows just how important and time consuming financial tasks can be. Therefore, our team of Red Butler Administrators would be more than happy to assist you in efficiently completing your financial tasks. Delegate these financial tasks to Red Butler today and focus on what you do best. 


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