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Delegate Effectively to Win the Race

Posted by Red Butler Team on 07/ 28/ 15




Effective delegation is necessary to grow your business and to help your team members  reach their potential. Just as a relay team works together to get to the end of the race, so must an office team work together to boost productivity. We look here at one way to make effective delegation a weekly habit.



Consider a relay race.  Each relay team runner wants to win the race.  They each put their heart into going as fast as they can, passing the competition and rounding the corners efficiently.  Yet, at some point in their race, they must pass the wand, delegating the next part of the race to their team member who they trust will get them closer to the finish line. They willingly give up the wand to their teammate, knowing their part in the race is done. When the final person crosses the finish line, everyone celebrates the team victory.

What aspects of your business can you delegate to team members? Why not let someone else carry the wand?  If you do not delegate, then it is like your team is standing by on the sidelines, waiting to join the race. If you do not currently delegate, then start with one to three recurring tasks.  Delegate tasks which do not need your personal attention, such as calendaring, making appointments or phone calls, or creating spreadsheets. Here are three ways to make delegating a habit:

  1. Set aside time each Friday evening to review your to do list and make a note of what items you will be delegating the next week.
  2. Stick with it- Once you delegate something, let the person finish the task.
  3. Delegate recurring tasks and check in with the person doing the task after it is complete

Once you have effectively delegated key tasks for a few weeks, your team members will expect you to keep “passing the wand”, and you can delegate more tasks each week, making your entire team more efficient and boosting productivity. Here are some more ideas of things you can delegate to your team.



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