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4 Financial Tasks you Can Delegate

Posted by Red Butler Team on 09/ 08/ 15




Delegate some of your financial tasks to Red Butler.  Our Executive Virtual Assistants will organize your receipts, fill out reimbursement forms or generate spreadsheets. You can ask Red Butler to access any web based software like DropBox, Quickbooks or more to keep your financial life organized.



Most employees wait until last minute to do the mandatory but tedious task of expense reporting.  Why wait? Delegate this task to Red Butler and stay focused on the business at hand, knowing that Red Butler is double checking details and generating your reports. 

Here are 4 financial tasks relating to expense reporting which you can delegate to Red Butler's Executive Virtual Assistants:

1. We can organize your receipts by date, event, trip, or other custom way you specify.  Missing a receipt?  No problem.  We will contact the vendor and request another copy.

2. We can compare credit card statements and travel itineraries to your receipts to be sure you haven’t missed anything, bringing to your attention anything which looks like a missed receipt. 

3. We will enter in all your receipts and expenses. You choose where we store the information- we can enter your receipts into an expense reimbursement form, directly into your Quickbooks or other accounting software.

4. Do you need something tracked and your financial software doesn't have the form you need?  We can create custom spreadsheets for you.

Generating expense reports is a time consuming but necessary part of doing business.  We will quickly tackle this task for you and your team and help make sure every expense is recorded.


Here are some other tasks you can delegate to Red Butler.



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