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3 Things to Always Delegate to Your Executive Virtual Assistant

Posted by Red Butler Team on 04/ 13/ 15

 Outsource to your Virtual Assistant



The sun is setting and you are nowhere close to being able to leave the office.  You realize you missed lunch (unless a large cup of coffee with extra cream counts), and you have a few more hours of work to do before you can even think about leaving the office. 

If this scenario happens more than a few times a week, it is time to consider that you need to delegate an executive virtual assistant to get the workflow moving.



Many businesses realize their workload is challenging, but they are not ready to hire another permanent employee. This is the perfect time to outsource some of the day to day tasks which are the most time-consuming. Outsourcing this type of work is like adding an off-site administrative assistant to your in-house team, but you are actually adding the power and knowledge of a whole team when you work with Red Butler.

Before you get started delegating the more time consuming tasks, get started by integrating your calendar with Red Butler. This is a simple first step that can really free up your day from distractions.  Learn more about that here.

Ready to free up even more time? Here are three time-consuming tasks you should always delegate to your executive virtual assistant:

1. Online research: Perhaps you are looking for information about a company, or you need to find what is trending in your field, or daily news that impacts your business. Your executive virtual assistant can compile information for you once or regularly.

2. Power Point preparation: This huge task can be handled by your Red Butler executive virtual assistant who can take your data and turn it into a powerful presentation, saving you and your staff hours of work.

3. Invoice control:  Keeping track of and paying bills is extremely time consuming for businesses, and can be managed by an executive virtual assistant who can keep track of your invoices and pay them when due.

By choosing to delegate these three items to a Red Butler executive virtual assistant, you will be gaining valuable time which you can use to focus on other areas of your business. If your in-house team already manages these tasks, you could have them delegate these items to an executive virtual assistant so you can shift other parts of your workload to your team.  This should accelerate productivity throughout the business. Read here for some quick tips on how to manage your in-box.



Delegate to Accelerate. For more ideas about what you can delegate, check out our Top 10 Request Ideas



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