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3 Things Red Butler is Good at for Venture Capitalists

Posted by Red Butler Team on 03/ 10/ 16




Red Butler's executive virtual assistants are a great resource for venture capitalists. We will quickly turn around tasks you and your team delegate to us, which in turn will boost productivity for your whole office.

Here are 3 Things Red Butler is good at for venture capitalists:



1. Real time inbox and calendar monitoring- Meet Taylor, our new real time virtual assistant here:  Allow Taylor to monitor your calendar and inbox and assist you with scheduling meetings, updating your calendar and making calls.  Start using Taylor today and be more productive immediately.

2. Online research- Red Butler's executive virtual assistants are extremely skilled at internet research.  Red Butler Administrators can do your market research and find the top leading companies in your industry. Delegate your online research to us and we will provide the answers in whatever format you need, allowing your team focus on important in-house projects.

3. Everyday tasks- Red Butler has worked with businesses of all types, so our executive virtual assistants are extremely good at taking care of just about any task, including creating expense reports and proof reading documents. Delegate your time consuming tasks to our Red Butler Administrators, so you can focus on your business and what you do best. Here are three important tasks to always delegate to your executive virtual assistant.

These are three things Red Butler is good at for venture capitalists.  Contact us today to find out more about how we can help your business boost productivity and reach its goals.



Here at Red Butler, we understand that as a venture capitalist you need to focus on your next venture and finding that next enterprise to invest in. Allow Red Butler to assist you by delegating tasks to us such as scheduling meetings and updating your calendar with Taylor or researching top leading companies in specific industries. Request a personal consultation with Red Butler today!


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