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3 Simple Ways to Stay Focused in 2016

Posted by Red Butler Team on 01/ 06/ 16




Keep things simple this year and work more efficiently, increase your productivity and have more time for work life balance.  Having too many systems in place to stay organized can be ineffective. Take a quick look as this year begins, and choose the systems you love best, and get rid of the rest.  Start with just a few quick tasks.



Here are three things we suggest to help you stay focused:

1. Keep only one calendar system.  If you haven't already, consider syncing all your calendars. Then you don't have to update multiple sources every time you set an appointment.  If you must keep a paper calendar, have only one.

2.  Manage your in-box effectively.  Delegate whatever you can in order to focus on tasks which require your personal attention. Do what you do best, and delegate the rest.

3. Schedule breaks on your calendar.  Lunch, weekends, and vacations all help refuel your creativity.  Take short mid-day walks to get  boost in energy.

These three things will help you start the new year with  a little more extra time for yourself and what matters to you. 



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