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3 QuickBooks Tasks to Delegate to Red Butler

Posted by Red Butler Team on 02/ 09/ 16




More time every week. That’s what every business needs. One way to achieve that goal is to delegate those tasks which need to be taken care of every day, every week,  and every month. We will take a look at a few common QuickBooks recurring tasks you can start delegating to Red Butler.



One area of a business which by nature generates a lot of recurring tasks is bookkeeping. The good news is that there are  three bookkeeping tasks which you can delegate to Red Butler.  If these items don't get entered right away, the paperwork will quickly pile up.  We have a simple solution. The recurring tasks from the following three tasks can all be delegated to Red Butler to enter into your QuickBooks, saving you valuable time: 

1. Expenses are created.  Stacks of receipts pile up quickly. Red Butler can enter them into QuickBooks.

2. Sales take place.  Red Butler can enter invoices into QuickBooks.

3. Checks are written. Red Butler can record them in QuickBooks.

By having your paperwork quickly entered into QuickBooks, you have the ability to create daily reports which are accurate. Accurate daily reporting leads to meeting short term and long term goals. 

It is easy to get started. Red Butler's executive virtual assistants are experts with handling recurring tasks so you can set it and forget it. You simply setup your recurring tasks and preferences and we will notify you each time it has been completed. Your weekly productivity will get a boost every week. To get started, visit our services page and learn more about what we do.

Read here for more ideas of more things to delegate to Red Butler. 



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