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11 Valentine's Day Ideas to Delegate to Red Butler

Posted by Red Butler Team on 02/ 04/ 16




February 14th is right around the corner.  It is time to make sure all your plans are in place, and Red Butler is here to help.  We have some suggestions of tasks you can delegate to us to take care of so you can relax and enjoy the day. 



Whether you are planning a special date, or want to let people in your life know you care, we have you covered. Here are some ideas for Valentine's Day planning which you can delegate to us:

1. Valentine's Day chocolate: Red Butler will find chocolate and gifts for that special someone and have them delivered. We will find you custom truffles, a special champagne,  a traditional box of chocolates, or anything else sweet or delectable. 

2. Jewelry: We will find the best jeweler in your area and set up an appointment. If you are looking for something specific, we will find out availability and if possible, set up an appointment for you to view.  

3. Getting Engaged: Valentine's Day is a popular day to get engaged, but everyone has their own story. We can help you brainstorm ideas of how to lead up to "the big question," and we are happy to arrange the details so everything is in place.

4. Dinner: We will make reservations somewhere you won't forget and can't wait to go back to soon.

 5. Valentine's Day experience: We are very experienced at arranging one of a kind experiences. This Valentine's Day make it extra memorable. We can arrange out of the ordinary transportation, music, a tour,  a private dinner cooked in your home by a chef,  a bucket list item, or anything else you dream of. 

6. Special events: If you want to go to an event on Valentine's Day, let us know what area you want us to check and we will let you know what is happening, from small theaters to the symphony.  We are happy to purchase your tickets and arrange dinner and transportation. 

7. Wear Red: It's Valentine's Day soon and your closet doesn't have any red in it? We will track down that perfect accessory, the whole outfit, or anything in between. 

There may be other people you want to show appreciation to at Valentine's Day.  Here are some more ideas:

8. Catering: Valentine's Day is a great day to show your work team your appreciation. We can arrange a catered lunch or afternoon dessert/coffee. 

9. Family: Whether they are near or far, we can send them gifts, emails, or e-cards.

10. Gift Cards: Give us your list and we will send gift cards to show your appreciation to your friends, family, staff, or anyone else you want to show appreciation to at Valentine's Day.

11. MailChimp contacts: We will design a Valentine's Day card in your MailChimp account for you to send your contact list or whoever you specify. 

These are a few ideas to help you delegate to us. We can't wait to hear how we can help you make your day more special. 



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